Social Media Marketing

Your website is the foundation of your social marketing with FaceBook adding more reach to your targeted approach to find more customers.

1)  On your FaceBook page suggest you have address and phone and email and map and link to appropriate web site.

2)  On your website suggest address and phone and email and map and link to FaceBook page.

3)  Use FaceBook "Boost/Insight" for target marketing and reaches and engagements.   "Boost" post to increases reaches.  Can set a budget and length of campaign and target market.  Help Center

  Help CenterBoosted Page posts can appear higher in News Feed and on Instagram, so there's a better chance your audience... 

4) The key to SEO (search engine optimization) is descriptive text in your meta tags called "keyword" and description".  The google search index will look in these fields to determine your site content to apply to google searches.

5)  Secondary  parts of SEO are making sure you have text and links on your site that are descriptive of your site.  Also your site images use an html tag called <img> for images  .   Inside of the image tag is "alt" text that describes the image and its purpose on your site.  This alt text also helps google index your site so it is found on searches.  
An example is:

<img src="" title = "Lanesboro Chamber" alt = "Lanesboro Chamber" />

6) A google map to business is also helpful.  

7)   A store on your Facebook page with ECWID